Monday, March 18, 2013

A Calendar of Tales shortlist


I was very pleased to hear that two of my drawings have been shortlisted for the Neil Gaiman, Blackberry Keep Moving project "A Calendar Of Tales".

The April image entitled "Graffiti", a piece of faux street art, relates to the story of feeding ducks that are smarter than given credit for. The line "I want Justice not Charity" is a reference to the Banksy piece "Keep your coins, I want change"



My drawing for May talks of "the weirdest gift you ever received in May" where the answer was "an anonymous Mother's Day card". I always found the last chocolates left at the end of the box were the orange cream!

I have been following the project on twitter (@neilhimself, #Acalendaroftales,#keepmoving) and trying to get my head around the whole social media thing.

To read the stories and see the submissions, the link to the Keep Moving website is here

So now I keep my fingers crossed that they make it to the final selection.

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