Monday, March 24, 2014

Eduardo Diaz photographer

Photographer Eduardo Diaz, Heroin users in Peshawar
Artist Matthias Stom -Christ Crowned in Thorns
Appearing in The Telegraph Magazine (22/03/14) was this wonderful photograph by Eduardo Diaz. It accompanies an article by David Browne on the heroin problem in North West Pakistan and was captioned "Heroin users on a traffic island near Haji Camp bus station in Peshawar".
The colour and composition are haunting and mesmerizing. Reminiscent of a Caravaggio style painting.

The figure to the right guardedly holding the light and looking pleadingly upwards, the old man centre left looking up at the viewer in a challenging gaze.

The overall effect of the photograph is of a 17th century religious painting such as Matthias Stom's Christ Crowned in Thorns.

 Diaz is a very talented photographer and I was deeply moved by this piece.

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