Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Street views

These sketches were prepared for a local authority client who was proposing improvements to the street amenity. They wanted to show the community how the street would feel after the changes were made. 

A lot of my work lately has involved this type of sketchy drawing for urban design proposals. They feel less daunting than CAD 3D renderings or photo-montage.

I use felt tip pen, scanned and coloured in Photoshop. For these I also built a simple 3D model to get the proportions correct. My references included Streetview, Google Maps and a couple of photos at street level taken by the client. 

When printed the drawings should look exactly as they appear on the screen (and they do on my good printer with heavy paper). Standard office quality colour laser printers tend to loose a lot of the image quality. I have been printing work at Officeworks and have been quite happy with the results for the price. Don't use their self service kiosks though as they are poorer quality. For larger prints for sale I use Image Science who do archival ink on watercolour paper. The colours then are usually perfect.

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