Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Railway Place Train Spotting Platform

In 1995 I designed a train spotting platform in Railway Place North Melbourne, along with artist Bernice McPherson. It was a sculptural piece of urban design made from train tracks and wheels and chequer plate steel with a clad signal tower and ceramic tiles by local residents.

The site was a favourite location for train spotters in a narrow street desperately in need of a bit of calm space. The platform projected from the footpath over the railway embankment and has the best view of the interstate train line, suburban railways and beyond.

Recently I was early for a meeting nearby and visited the site to see if the platform was still there and how it had aged. Thankfully it has aged very gracefully, the steel has rusted beautifully and there is no damage to the mosaic and only minimal graffiti on the wayfinding tower.

The real change however is the view in the background. Docklands and the wheel, Bolte Bridge and Harbour Town shopping centre have all appeared in the 18 years that have passed.

top 2013, bottom 1995 (City of Melbourne brochure)

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