Monday, August 6, 2012

Black Swan Prize for Heritage Finalist

My drawing Barracks Arch has been selected as a finalist for the Black Swan Prize for Heritage 2012. The piece is an aerial view of St Georges Terrace Perth, Western Australia featuring the historic Barracks Arch, a remnant of an 1866 building demolished to make way for a freeway.
Barracks Arch 2012
My blurb read as follows... "My work explores the ideas of context, location and isolation. Heritage objects like gems scattered throughout a modern architectural landscape are most vulnerable when their context is forgotten. Barracks Arch stands alone at the top of St Georges Terrace, cut off, isolated and preserved while life forges on around it."

The drawing started out as a felt pen freehand drawing which was scanned and  coloured in Photoshop and printed as a 60 x 30cm giclee print in limited edition.

Winners of the $20,000 prize will be announced in September. 
Exhibition details:
Venue:                 137 St Georges Terrace, Perth (Host Venue: Linton & Kay Galleries)
Dates:                   Friday 21st September – Monday 1st October

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